Friday, December 5, 2008

Bass Player

This past week has been a frustrating one. Mitch, (the bass player that we had playing with us), has decided that playing in a band and striving for success isn't something that he wants to do. It all started about a week ago when Mitch stopped answering my phone calls and started voluntarily spending more time at his job. 

I finally got a hold of him after much effort, and he sheepishly told me that he just wasn't that dedicated, and that we should find someone else who is more committed. I guess a good way to describe Mitch is someone who has absolutely no drive towards anything in life. He played well with us, but, to him, it was nothing more than a convenient hobby. It's a shame, but at least this shit comes out now instead of later.

So now, I am on the lookout for both a new bass player and drummer. I have been inserting ads on Gumtree. I have received a couple of replies. So, that's good. Let's hope for the best.

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Erin Anderson said...

Hey Greg,

Don't be too hard on that guy. Some people just have different goals in life and that is okay.
Also, you should check out my blog. I posted Grandma's obituary on there. I wish you could have come to the funeral... it was amazing. She was truly an example of Christ and lived her life in a way that she could be proud of. I want to live like she did.