Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snap Shots

During my time here in London, I have taken part in the enjoyable and humbling experience of busking. When I would play, people would walk by and take photographs. On a couple of separate occasions I had some self-proclaimed "photographers" take my picture. The first one I am going to show you is when I first came to London, and it was taken while I was busking under a bridge near the River Thames. 

His website is here.

The next website is of a guy who took my photo, but never posted it. Oh well, he has some interesting photography anyway. Click here.

The last one is when I was walking down a very trendy part of London with Jessi called Brick Lane, and out of the clear blue some guy asked me if he could photography me for his portfolio. I agreed, and then he made me stand in front of a white backdrop, in the middle of the street, with loads of passers-by staring at me. I didn't think that he'd post them, but he finally did post one. Needless to say, he photoshopped the hell out of me. However, I'll show it anyway. By the way, this was about 3 months ago. 

His website is here. This guy loves to photoshop things.

So, anyway, I just thought this would be fun to do. So, there you have it.




Macao said...

The first picture seems like ages ago. Your hair had still that light blond from America and your face was so unbeardy :P
Lots have changed it seems. If I would not know those pictures I would say these are 2 different people. You can be happy that you got such nice picture taken of you. Another reason to go out busking again. Who knows who is waiting this time. :-)
YOu are a model.
I love you. :-*

Bridger W. said...

There's something about that last photo that just screams "New Era" to me. I'm not sure what, but get that man on the line with the publishing branch of the LDS Church.

Nick Turpin said...

Hey Greg, I just found your blog on my server log...I posted the picture I took of you in Brick Lane on my server for you to see, feel free to use it.

All the best with the music....Nick.

Nick Turpin said...

That seemed to get cut off..