Monday, October 13, 2008

So, What's Going On With Greg?


It has been over a month since I last wrote. I want to apologize for that. I guess I just didn't really find the time to sit down and write. I've found the time now, however. 

I haven't got a chance to record anything else at the moment. I really should sit and record something, but I have been playing in a band that's really taking all of my energy out of me. So, I guess that is news. I am playing in a band. Well, to be honest, we aren't a complete band yet. I am playing with a guy in his late twenties named Pete. He is a phenomenal singer and songwriter, and we have been writing loads of things together. We have about 9 songs at the moment that we are preparing to gig out. There is also a female backup singer in the band named Jana. She is great too, but her songs come out a little too soulful. So, we focus more on the songs we (Pete & I) write. 

We have been on the look out for good drummers and bassists. They are very hard to come by. We can't seem to find anyone who has the whole package. But, I have been quite focused on finding people. So, I have a feeling someone will fall in to place soon. If we get the ball rolling soon, we might possibly play some festivals come next summer. I am really positive about this band. I get a chance to write on every song. I sing my songs. I play lead-guitar. I guess you could say that I am enjoying myself. Pete is confident we are going to achieve success. I feel pretty confident about that, as well. 

Other than that, Jessi has just started school again. She is working on her art almost constantly, and has made some incredible pieces that I am going to have to convince her to post. She, for some reason, almost always uses me for her model when she is painting. I feel flattered. She really is a talented person.

Still no word on our partnership application. All we can do is wait, and as soon as we know, I'll be able to come back and see all y'all. 

I have written a couple of fun songs lately. I think I might start a youtube channel, and post some videos of myself playing the songs. That seems achievable. I forgot, we still haven't decided on a band name. But, Pete really wants to incorporate the number 23 into the name. He has some special connection with that number, and hasn't even seen the movie. I suggested the name The Twenty & Three. But, I am not sold on it by any means. I need to think of something better. We'll see what happens.

Anyway, I suppose that is where I'm at at the moment. I'm just dandy.