Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've been quiet. I'm sorry.

It is time to fill my friends in about what is going on. First of all, I love you all. I appreciate the support that people have given me through thick and thin. I am grateful for all of you. I have received your individual messages, and have thought a lot about the future lately. Despite the fact that I have all of you back in Salt Lake City, I have decided not to come home on March 4th. What a disappointment, right?

I debated and tossed it around in my mind, and I got to the point where I couldn't actually see myself in a stable situation back in SLC. Firstly, I do not have a real place to stay. I know that people have offered rooms and things, but I don't think that will work. My father is off to white collar prison. My mom is in and out of the hospital in Denver. My father's wife doesn't like me really. So, I really have no family to rely on. I also don't have any savings anymore. I don't have really anything to mine name. So, for the time being, it is better for me to stay here until I have bettered my situation. 

I just got in to a band called She She Kat Ra. I feel like I am a big part of the writing process, and this band has many contacts so that it might be possible for me to get a visa and a record deal in the near future. I have been playing in some bars lately, and I am still playing on the street. I am doing my best to make money here. Gosh, it is so hard to type all of this. I really miss you guys. I really do.

However, in order to do what I want to do with my life, I need to get myself established. I don't know. I feel bad a bit about not coming back, but I have really thought it through and decided this is what I need to do. Let me know your thoughts.



P.S. Sorry for being so distant lately.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jessi's Brother

Here is a bit of cool news.

Jessi's brother, Carsten, is off to Los Angeles today to spend a day with The Kooks. He was given a job by "Q" magazine to fly out to LA and spend a day photographing them, both live and not. That is a really cool opportunity for him. He started photographing bands a few years ago here in London. Now, he has all kinds of people wanting his photographs, and he is now turning what once was a hobby in to a career. Kind of inspiring. Check out his website. It is very impressive.


Other than that, I am trying to look for a band at the moment. I am gonna give this music thing another try in this city.


Monday, February 4, 2008

I Live Life

Hello Comrades,

I have been a bit lazy lately in reference to most things. However, I have been prompted that the show must go on (as far as blogging is concerned). So, here is another attempt to fill you in on what's been going on in my fruitful life. 

Let's see...

Oh, Jessi and I saw a young miss Kelly Osbourne (sp) in the London Underground at Oxford Street. She looked both of us in the face. We, of course, begged for autographs, photographs, pictographs, you name it. Nawwww, we just kept to ourselves as she hustled by with a young man at her side. I thought I might strike up a "convo" with the young lady. I just about blurted out "Hey, Kelly!! I am from Utah, and you know who else is? Burt McCracken! You know? Ya member old Burty? Didn't he use you to climb the celebrity ladder? Anyway, see ya!". Almost did it, but I abstained. 

Another nice thing that happened recently was the fact the I returned a malfunctioning iPod to the London Apple Store, and got a brand new one for FREE! I explained to the nice guy that my iPod was only playing music from the left side of any set of headphones. He quickly tested it, and gave me a new one. IT WAS FREE! That made me quite happy.

Some bad news:

I no longer have a laptop. The one I had had been giving me problems for quite some time when, by accident, the screen was cracked when lid was closed with the adaptor partly laying across it. The computer, that stupid piece of shit, pretty much stopped working all together. I completely took it apart and saved everything that wasn't from 1992. I now have an 80GB hard drive, a DVD-ROM, and a few other odds and ends. Oh well, I say, it was on it's way out. So, now I am using Jessi's computer which has a cracked screen too. Damn those cracked screens! We will try to fix hers soon since hers ISN'T a piece of shit.

As for the rest of things...

I have been playing out on the street again. It feels good to be back playing with my little Spanish friend, Ruben. We earned close to 50 pounds between the two of us last Tuesday. It is really fun to be able to play on the street. I feel privileged to be in this town.

As many of you know, I will be back on March the 4th. However, because my father is going to prison (it's a long story, but he's not a criminal), I do not have a place to stay. However, even if he wasn't going to prison, he basically told me to find my own place to hang my hat. 

I am start to forget what family is.

Anyway, his new wife doesn't like me, and I am not particularly fond of her. So, I don't think I have a place to stay as of yet. I contemplated not even coming back, but I know how much you all love me. I have to come back, right? Aren't I a cheeky bastard? 

My mama is in Denver. What in the hell is there for me in Denver? Fuck if I know! Sorry about the profanity, but I deemed it necessary for this spiel. On top of that, Jessi is supposed to come during her break from school two weeks after I am supposed to arrive. I guess I'm up shit creek. At least the view is nice.

So, basically, I dunno what the hell I'm a gonna do. But, I am a problem solver. The problems, they need a solving. 

Enough of the "woe is me" shite. 

I am practically writing a book here. 

I almost forgot. We bleached Jessi's hair yesterday. It took three times to get it to where we wanted it. It was something sort of fun to do though. I haven't taken any pictures of myself in a while. I will do that soon. I will also get some of Jessi so that you can see the new doooo.

I guess that is about it. One last thing I just thought of - I recently discovered a wonderful spread called lemon curd. You put it on toast. It is delicious. It is like a tart lemon jam. I really love it. 

That's all for now. Hope it wasn't too much.