Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Made It

Hey Friends,


Last Saturday, in attempt to get back in to the United Kingdom, I was successful! Let me tell you the story.

So, I left Berlin all packed and ready to go at around 4:30 am. Jessi's mom was nice enough to drive me to the airport. When I got there, I checked my baggage and myself both in. There was no problem in Berlin. So, I had hoped that it would be a breeze, or at least less painful than last time. The only thing that happened in Berlin to slightly raise an eyebrow was the fact the the German officers glanced puzzled like at the black stamp with the cross through it. Though, after a few seconds of perplexity, they returned my passport to me, and I was free to board the plane.

On the flight over I didn't sleep. I was so stressed out about getting in that it was giving me a headache, and making me feel like I was going to puke or something. We took off and landed safely. The flight was a little under two hours. I got my carry on bags together, and started to make my way to customs at the Gatwick Airport. I was as nervous as hell. There weren't very many foreign nationals trying to get through. So, I found myself promptly in front of a Persian-looking Englishman would started to examine me.

He was instantly thrown off-guard by the nasty stamp given to me by the other piece-of-shit immigration officer. He began to question me, and I began to show all of the well-collected and organized documents that I had brought with me. He told me that I should have applied for a visa, and I told him that I was told that I didn't need one. He began to express to me the true nature of the horrid 'black stamp', and how it is very looked down upon. Then, for an hour, I was again searched, questioned, detained, interviewed, and then detained again.

I could tell that this man, in spite of following his job, was in some was concerned for me. I noticed a wedding band on his finger, which in some way explain the small hint of compassion he unknowingly was showing me. Maybe, he had kids, or perhaps even a son around my age. Whatever the reason, I felt much better in the care of this officer than in the care of the previous one.

So, after being detained again, he came and got me once more. Apparently, he had been on the phone corroborating Jessi and I's stories about our relationship. How and when we got together, what we liked and disliked about each other, what we did for fun, these inquires were all part of an effort to see and verify that I was indeed telling the truth.

Finally, after sitting in the detaining area for another half an hour talking with a man from the states, one from BC, one from Portugal, and one woman from Ghana, I was called upon by the same Persian-looking man. He said to me that he needed to take me somewhere. He then told me to grab my stuff, all of it. I signed a paper, and then we walked through the doors. I asked him where we were going, and he said, "You're going outside with me to have a cigarette." I then turned to him with a smile as wide as a Buick as if to say "Does this mean what I think it does?" He then smiled at me, and then showed me the way out. He said, "You're a free man!" I about lost it, and told him to come here to give me a hug. He hesitated, but I insisted and hugged him as if he were my father. I can tell you the happiness that rushed over me.

I asked his name and he told me "Officer Cliff". I doubt that is his last name, but I will always remember the kindness that this individual showed me. He then said before we parted ways, "Better than the last officer?" I told him yes, and said I wanted to bow down and praise him. Then I went one way, and he went the other. I almost wanted to cry. I will always remember his kindness.

I immediately called Jessi, and told her the good news. We both screamed and shouted for joy. I had finally made it back in, and we could finally be together once more. I can't remember the last time I felt such overwhelming joy all at once. I guess it is safe to say that it was a good weekend for me.

Thanks for reading. I hope that you got an idea of how happy I was and am.



Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Slip Through Dem' Cracks

So, how is everyone doing? I am doing okay.

I wanted to posted another blog. I am not really sure what I want to write about, but I know I want to write. So, here goes nothing.

I am still in Berlin. It isn't horrible, but I am apart from Jessi, and it gets dark at 4:00 pm. However, I went to my appointment for a visa on the 14th, and I was told fairly decent news. First of all, they said that they couldn't process my visa because American citizens DO NOT need visas as visitors. I made it clear that I want nothing more than to visit. So, I talked to a friendly American who confirmed it with his superior that I did not need a visa, and that all I needed was to show that I have a return flight booked, and that I am visiting.

Good news? I hope.

I have a flight booked for this Saturday to London's Gatwick airport. And, I have a flight booked for the 4th of March to fly back to Salt Lake City. So, if all goes well when I try to pass through customs, then I will be again in London until March. I will go fully prepared this time with all of the information that I could need in case of another bind. I really hope I can get through customs without being fingerprinted and searched this time. I need all the prayers and luck I can get.

Other knewz, I have read a little over half of the book I bought. It is pretty suspenseful. It is about a hitman and a heroic protagonist who helps save the life of a woman who the hitman is supposed to kill. Not usually my cup of tea, but I am enjoying it. I have found that reading really clams me. It is very relaxing. I think I have enough attention to get through a whole book at this point in my life. So, I hope to read many more to come.

I am about out of things to write. I am kind of boring I guess.

Hopefully, I can think of something humorous, and soon post it.

Bye bye for now!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Day In The Life

Howdy Folks,

I am sorry about the last post. It was a bit of a rant, but I thought I should let everyone know about my current situation. Thanks for the pity. I needed it. I am a bit pathetic at the moment. I have been battling the winter blues, and so it is nice to receive a little bit of sympathy here and there.

So, I am here in Berlin. Alone. Nevertheless, I am doing better than I thought. Jessi isn't here, and that is very hard. However, I haven't given up hope for the future just yet.

Anyway, Today was not too bad. I woke up pretty late. The song 'Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger' by Of Montreal comes to mind. I spent most of the day in Jessi's room. Alone. I played some guitar, but I find myself uninterested in a lot of the things I enjoy. I hate to sound so depressed. I just need some decent sunlight attention, I think.

Jessi suggested that I go out and by a book. I went out in the city this evening, and wandered through the train stations. I went to a small grocery store, and to my surprise, found a small bottle of green Tabasco sauce. That was such a rare find that I had to buy it. I also purchased a coke. I was thirsty.

Later, I found myself at the bookstore that Jessi suggested, and I anxiously pursued the music section for about a half an hour. I then went upstairs to the English novel section, and spent another hour trying to decided which book to buy. I finally decided on the book 'The Good Guy' by Dean Koontz. I don't know if it'll be any good. But, I already felt more sane after reading a chapter.

Reading has been somewhat therapeutic for me it seems.

I am at home now. It is 3:00 am. I am tried, and I miss Jessi. I had some sandwiches with some Tabasco sauce, and now I am ready for bed. This wasn't a very mind-blowing blog, but I always find it interesting to subscribe to the daily lives of others. It is kind of fun.

Anyway, I need some suggestions for future books and decent albums. Feel free to leave those suggestions in the suggestion box below. Good night!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Show me some respect.

So, I know that I have kept slightly out of touch the past few weeks. I underwent an extremely painful process. So, I am here to fill y'all in about it.

As many of you know, I was staying in London England with my girlfriend during the months of September through December. Upon arrival to the United Kingdom, I was harassed by an unfriendly Irishman who almost refused me entry to the UK based on the fact that I wanted to stay so long. However, going against his "better judgment" he decided to let me in. I continued onward towards London, and soon forgot about the whole ordeal.

After almost three months in the UK, it was time for Christmas and we were scheduled to fly back to my girlfriend Jessi's hometown of Berlin. All was fine upon entry, and Christmas turned out to be one of the best I've had. We had planned on getting back before New Year's, and had scheduled flights to do so. We flew back to the UK on the 28th of December. Upon arrival, I was stopped at customs for saying that I wanted to finish out the rest of my 6 month visa in the UK. All Americans get 6 months to stay in the UK, and I had spent three of them.

The woman who stopped me wanted to see a return flight back to the US, (which I didn't have), and complained when I wanted to finish the time allotted. Then, I was passed from immigration officer to immigration officer. They all asked the same questions. I told them I had a place to stay, and that I didn't have to pay for anything. I also told them that Jessi was supporting me with a substantial amount from her savings, but nothing satisfied them.

They fingerprinted me, and took my mugshot. Then I was interrogated about everything. They rooted around in my bag to try and find anything that they could use against me. I felt horrible. Finally, I was forced to deal with the world's biggest asshole, bar none. He yelled at me, and made me feel like a poor Mexican immigrant. I was forced to leave the UK, and I wasn't allowed to see Jessi before my flight left.

Luckily, she got the same flight back with me to Berlin, and we were together on the plane. This took place only after they made me sit in a room for 7 hours with nothing to watch but cheap British TV. They put a black stamp in my passport, and said that I couldn't come back to the UK unless I had proof of money and a return flight. I called the asshole officer a "fucking bastard" and he looked as though his head would explode. I think he wanted to hit me. But, instead he just yelled at me, and made me feel like shit. I apologized later, but he didn't accept it. He just continued to make me feel like shit.

So, I flew back to Berlin with Jessi. I was greeted by a very kind German officer who laughed at the whole ordeal. He didn't do anything, and made me feel a lot better. Ironic? We went home, and spent a week and a half here in Berlin together. Then yesterday she had to go back because her college semester starts tomorrow. So, now I am in Berlin at her parents house awaiting a visa appointment for the 14th. She is supposed to come visit me in two weeks. I hope everything works out. I just prayed that I can get approved for a regular visa.

As you can see, I have been through pure hell in the past week and a half. I feel like a criminal. I hope that man that sent me back gets eaten alive by a pack of rabis-stricken wolverines. I can't tell you how much I hate him, and the whole English system right now. I am very bitter towards that Nazi. I am also very sad and lonely. But, I haven't given up hope. I am gonna find a way back.

So, there you have it. Once you have read this, then I can move on and start to talk about nice things again.


P.S. Fuck the British!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hello, Friends!

Hey everyone! Happy 2008! I am following in the footsteps of friends, and creating a blog. I just want to post this little bit, and I will write what's been going on a little later.